The Fields of Specialization

General Construction – Vertical and Horizontal
Electrical Construction, Design and Consultancy
– electrical system for residential, commercial buildings and industrial plants
– power sub-station
– installation of secondary, primary and transmission lines
– installation and commissioning of generator sets
– testing and commissioning of electrical equipment such as power transformers, medium and high voltage breakers, power cables and other sub-station equipment

Mechanical Construction, Design and Consultancy
– piping works such as for chilled water lines, compressed air lines, ammonia and sprinkler system
– fabrication of ventilating blowers such as centrifugal and axial type
– fabrication of ducts for air-conditioning and ventilation/exhaust

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Services
– air-conditioning system for residential, commercial and industrial application
– walk-in cold storage room for poultry, meat, fish, vegetable, etc.
– ammonia refrigeration system such as for ice making plant and blast freezers

General Repairs/Mechanical and Electrical works on
– computers and other related hardware
– animation equipment
– medical equipment
– editing and sound mixing equipment
– all types of generators

Trading and Sales of Various Goods
– refrigeration equipment
– air-conditioning equipment
– fiberglass insulation
– ventilating blowers