William & Williams Development and Construction Corporation is actually born out of the merger and business tie-ups of five entities namely:

Name of Business Specialization
J&W Resources and Dev. Corp. Developer, Contractor & Trader
RSS Cool Ventures, Inc. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Ductworks, Exhaust system & Other major mechanical works
J.F. Mejias Construction and Engineering Services Electrical, Civil and other Engineering Works
ALFAJ Marketing & Development Corporation (ALMADECO) Mechanical Design, Consultancy & Construction.
Sales of Fabricated Refrigeration and Air conditioning parts and equipment
AAV Electrical Services Electrical works and design implementer

William & Williams Construction and Development Corporation have also forged existing business tie-ups with the following established companies:

Name of Company Nature of Tie-up
JFC Multi Purpose Cooperative William & Williams serves as business
Consultant, designer and builder for its
Real Estate projects
J&W Resources and Development Corp. William & Williams serves as J&W’s
Exclusive project designer and implementer
Agno Konstruct, Inc. William & Williams and Agno Konstruct collaborates mostly on general construction (vertical and horizontal)